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Unlock Token Utility & Growth: Join HEXN.IO’s Free Listing Program!

•HEXN.IO is launching its Free Listing Program, which offers token projects the chance to be listed on its platform and provides unparalleled advantages for their tokens.
•Benefits of joining the program include enhanced token utility, increased demand and decreased supply, demonstrating active project development and no listing fees.
•Token projects can apply for the program by filling in a form and meeting certain criteria, including having an SEC-approved audit and supporting one or more token formats.

HEXN Launches Free Listing Program

HEXN.IO, a leading crypto lending platform, has announced the launch of its highly anticipated Free Listing Program. This initiative opens the door for token projects to compete for an opportunity to be listed on the HEXN.IO platform and gain access to unparalleled benefits for their tokens.

Program Benefits

The benefits of joining the HEXN.IO Free Listing Program are wide-reaching: Enhanced Token Utility – Project owners can provide additional utility to their tokens, allowing users to earn a percentage on their holdings which encourages users to retain their tokens rather than sell them; Increased Demand & Decreased Supply – With tokens listed on HEXN.IO, project owners can tap into a broader market of potential investors and enthusiasts; Demonstrated Active Project Development – Listing serves as a testament to a project’s commitment to continuous development; Zero Listing Fees – No charges will be imposed on token projects for participating in this initiative.

How To Apply

Projects eager to seize this opportunity can apply for the HEXN.IO Free Listing Program by filling in this form: The project must be audited by an SEC-approved auditor; The token must support one or more of the following formats: ERC-20, BEP-20 & TRC-20; The token must have a liquidity pool on PancakeSwap or Uniswap.

About HEXN

HEXN is committed to empowering token projects through its Free Listing Program in order drive innovation while fostering growth within its community of stakeholders involved with cryptocurrency projects .


The HEXN team believes that by offering additional utility to tokens and eliminating listing fees they can create a thriving ecosystem where all parties involved benefit from participation in its initiatives.