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Unlock the True Value of Bitcoin: Prove You’ve Done the Work

Bitcoin Price Pumping

• The bitcoin price has been increasing recently and investors may take advantage of this to make a return.
• Buying bitcoin is not always necessary to get the benefits that it offers, as the ultimate value comes from studying and understanding the technology.
• Those interested in getting involved should be prepared to spend time learning about cryptography, computer science, economics, etc. in order to gain a deeper understanding of Bitcoin.

The Benefits of Bitcoin

Bitcoin provides users with an array of qualitative benefits that can be gained through studying and understanding the underlying technology. This includes knowledge on cryptography, computer science, distributed systems, open-source software, network effects, game theory, economics, monetary theory and more. Additionally, this understanding gives users an anchor in a world where reality is increasingly manipulated.

High Time Preference

It can be difficult for those who are used to having a short-term mindset to comprehend what Bitcoin offers. This short-term mentality is referred to as “high time preference.” It’s important for those wanting to get involved with Bitcoin to understand that it takes time and effort before any real rewards can be seen.

Understanding Is Key

It’s essential for anyone looking into buying or investing in Bitcoin to put in the effort and time needed to fully understand what they’re getting themselves into first. While there may be potential returns available through trading or buying bitcoin near all-time highs or lows respectively; these gains won’t last if users don’t have a full grasp of what they’re dealing with first.


At the end of the day it’s crucial for anyone considering getting involved with Bitcoin to really take their time before making any decisions or investments into the asset class itself – no matter how lucrative it might look at first glance. Understanding what you’re dealing with is key when it comes to reaping any kind of long term benefit from Bitcoin itself – whether that be financial gains or personal enlightenment through study and research on its many facets.