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Julia: A German Expat Embracing Homesteading and Bitcoin in Portugal

• Julia is originally from Germany but moved to Portugal to work when she was 19.
• She has since settled in Portugal and her close family has followed.
• Julia talks about her experience with operating a homestead and her involvement in the local Bitcoin meetup in her community.

Julia is a German expat living in Southern Portugal. She moved there when she was 19 and has since built a life in the region, with her close family following her to the area. With her background in homesteading and her involvement in the local Bitcoin meetup, Julia has become a pillar of her local community.

Julia was drawn to Portugal for the opportunity to travel and work when she was 19. After a few months, she was offered a full-time job and decided to resettle. Her parents and brothers soon followed, and she has not been back to Germany since.

As a homesteader, Julia has been able to provide for her family with the resources available to her. She grows a variety of fruits and vegetables, and raises chickens, goats and pigs. She also has a beehive, which provides honey for her family. In addition, Julia has become involved in the local Bitcoin meetup, which she sees as a way to be part of a larger community and to learn more about the cryptocurrency.

Julia’s lifestyle and commitment to her community are an inspiration to many of us. Running a homestead and investing in Bitcoin demand a high degree of investment and a low time preference, which is something that she has demonstrated. Her story also serves as a reminder to us all of the importance of community and staying connected to our roots, even if we are far away from home.