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Japan to Supply Artillery Shells to US Stockpile Supporting Ukraine


  • Japan is engaging in diplomatic discussions with the US about supplying artillery shells to strengthen Ukrainian defense.
  • The US has already shipped 1.5 million 155mm shells to Ukraine since February 2022.
  • Due to Japan’s constitutional pledge, they are limited to providing non-lethal military assistance.

Japan’s Engagement with the US

Japan has engaged in unprecedented diplomatic discussions with the US on the prospective supply of artillery shells to strengthen the US stockpile supporting Ukraine. Japan’s engagement is the result of a deliberate choice to work around its limitations on weapons exports and support Kyiv in its counteroffensive during the current conflict. A potential agreement between Japan and the US is a significant development in the international response to the ongoing crisis.

US Supplies To Ukraine

The US has shipped over 1.5 million 155mm artillery shells to Ukraine since February 2022. These munitions have been instrumental in Ukraine’s defensive operations. Washington is looking towards its allies to help replenish the stockpile. Pentagon officials say the Ukrainian military uses around 90,000 155mm shells monthly. Therefore, there is an urgent need for more supply from other countries like Japan if available.

Japan’s Potential Support

If successful, Japan will assist in replenishing US stockpiles, indirectly supporting Ukraine’s military effort. However, due to Japan’s constitutional pledge on weapons exports and transfer of lethal military assistance, their involvement will be limited only to providing non-lethal military help such as giving ammunition that can be used by Ukrainian forces for defensive operations without directly involving Japanese citizens or resources into combat activities overseas..

Political Sensitivity

Despite public opposition from many voters against Japanese involvement in international conflicts, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga believes it is important for his government “to take action when needed while closely cooperating with” other nations involved in resolving global issues.. Although there have been no official announcements yet about how much Japan will provide or when they may deliver these supplies, both countries remain engaged through diplomatic channels attempting reach an agreement that meets their respective needs and limitations.