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DigiToads: The Fast-Rising Cryptocurrency Taking Over the Meme Market

• DigiToads (TOADS) is a new revolutionary cryptocurrency token
• TOADS tokens have introduced a groundbreaking deflationary model
• The presale has sold over 356 million TOADS tokens raising over $5.8 million

DigiToads: A Revolutionary Cryptocurrency

DigiToads (TOADS) is a new revolutionary cryptocurrency token that is taking the crypto market by storm with its red-hot presale. This unprecedented success can be attributed to the unique features of DigiToads and its meticulously planned TOADs economics which includes a groundbreaking deflationary model.

Deflationary Model & Taxation

The unique taxation system of DigiToads plays an important role in strengthening the ecosystem and maintaining a vibrant market. Every transaction within the DigiToads ecosystem incurs a 7% tax, which is allocated to four main areas: 2% for token burning, 2% for NFT staking pool and treasury, and 1% for liquidity pool. Additionally, NFTS are also incorporated into the system providing additional rewards for committed participants known as Toads-vengers who can stake their tokens to earn apportion of the 2% tax levied on every transaction.

Presale & Community Ownership

DigiToads has achieved its remarkable success in part due to carefully planned strategy around its presale and community ownership. Over 69.29% of total $TOADS supply was allocated to presale, community bonuses, ensuring widespread distribution of the tokens and cultivating a sense of ownership among holders.

Impact on Bitcoin’s Supply

As Bitcoin’s circulating supply rapidly declines, attention turns towards other innovative projects like DigiToads that offer unique features such as deflationary models and NFT staking pools rewarding loyal holders with opportunities to grow their digital assets without fear of devaluation through inflation or excessive circulation within the market.

In conclusion, it appears that Digitoad’s innovative approach to crypto asset management may be setting up an industry standard in terms of preserving value while encouraging commitment among holders through generous incentives rewarded through strategic taxation models. It will be interesting to see how this project continues to evolve in 2021 as more people become aware of its potential benefits versus traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin